Romantic Beaches , Exotic Nightlife: Perth

Perth: City of Beaches
Perth the capital of Western Australia is popular for its beaches, nightlife, cuisines, scenic landscape, and shopping. The relaxed atmosphere and the Mediterranean climate attract travelers from all across the world. The Perth city is known for its pristine beaches, the sun and sand. The vineyards, galleries and national parks are the other temptations that bring travelers from all over the world.

The Perfect city!

Perth may surprise anyone at the first instance. At first, one doesn’t become too sure what to think. It probably has something to do with the rain and the 40 mph wind that rips through the city.
Everything in the city is within pretty easy reach. There are shops, restaurants, museums and parks all within walking distance of each other. Parking is easy enough to find, which the case with a big city isn’t always.

Scarborough is a very nice beach community just north of Perth Enjoy walking along the grassy park across the river from the city. The views are impressive and there are many nice places to eat.

A beautiful city

Perth is a really cool place to visit!!! Perth is really beautiful and is always alive with cool activities. If you like beaches, surfing, sports, water activities, bushes, wildflowers, beautiful people and a relaxing ambiance, then you must go to Perth to get them all!!!

Perth City is a few small blocks of shopping malls bounded by the railway station to the north, the arctic wind tunnel of St George's Terrace to the south. Northbridge, just across the railway, has plenty of nightclubs and bars, good cheap restaurants, the art gallery and museum, and art house cinemas. King's Park, a few blocks to the west, is a vast and wonderful mix of cultivated gardens and unspoiled natural bush land. Further out, there are some glorious beaches and some wonderful suburbs, most famously Fremantle with its cappuccino strip. Fremantle is a suburb of Perth. It is the terminus of the Trans-Australian RR and the chief commercial port of the state.

Just fabulous, great shopping, vineyards, friendly people, lots to do and see, especially Rottenest and Perth Zoo!

Perth Hotels

The Perth city has got something for everyone. The hotels in Perth are many and cater to all the travelers with the luxury hotels, resorts and the budget hotels. The luxury hotels are known for their location and excellent services and include Hyatt Regency, Richardson, and Intercontinental Burswood Hotel Perth . The budget hotels offer great value for money and include Billabong Resort, Aarons, and Ambassador Hotel Perth.

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